Çimstone is one of the two major brands of AKG Insulation and Construction Materials Production and Trade Inc., which is a participation of AKG Group, an innovative producer of contemporary and reliable construction materials and a leading investor in the construction sector. Ranked among the leading quartz-based composite stone producers of the world Çimstone produces durable surfacing materials of exquisite properties applicable in various areas from countertop to flooring.

As the sole producer of quartz-based composite stone in Turkey having its production facility and management headquarters in Ýzmir since 1996, Çimstone continues to operate with region offices based in Ýstanbul, Ankara and Northampton England as well as solution partners spread country-wide and located in four continents. Having sustained a planned growth, today Çimstone has become the indispensable flooring material for many corporate chain store projects such as Teknosa, Avea, The Body Shop, Claries, Debenhams, Gap Stores, Ýsbank and TEB. Having stepped into the market of modular kitchen by beginning 2005 Çimstone has proved to be assertive also in this sector with an investment of 15 mio US dollars it made for its second production facility. Having made an other capacity increase in its large slab line of 305x140 cm by the beginning 2008 Çimstone is said to be creating a distinctive notion of kitchen and baths with its high quality, corporate guaranteed counter and vanity tops accompanied with customer oriented services.


Quality at Çimstone means absolute customer satisfaction in product, price, servicing and delivery by the use of quality and environmental management systems tools. Attention paid to product quality starts with the selection of raw material and continues at all stages until delivery to the end-user. At Çimstone, which is accredited by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, all the products and production processes comply with the principle of continuous improvement. Starting from admission of raw materials upon meticulous inspection up to the final quality control before the dispatch, tight inspection and professional control methods are implemented at all stages.

Today Çimstone is constantly focused on improving product and service quality while enhancing its commitment to ongoing R&D for developing new products and processes through investments into systematic investigations. Çimstone Research & Development Laboratory strives to find the most appropriate solutions for product property development, changing consumer demands and industry innovations.

Production at Çimstone complies with the quality standards approved by TSE, UNI, ASTM, EN. Çimstone also has LGA Hygiene Report given by the Europe’s most prestigious Product Analysis and Safety Center LGA GmbH and has received NSF Certification.

Изработен от кварц, Изработен за живот ...
Кварцът и великолепните цветове на природата се събират, за да се формира Cimstone®.
Хигиенни кухни и бани ...
Продуктите Cimstone® са сертифицирани от NSF International за съответствие със стандарт 51 на NSF/ANSI за материали и компоненти, използвани в оборудване в заведения за хранене.
Грижа и поддръжка
Трайното покритие на Cimstone® изисква само прости и рутинни грижи за поддържане на добър външен вид.